Since the publication of his groundbreaking book, Animal Liberation (1975), the Princeton philosopher, Peter Singer, has had perhaps the greatest influence on the animal rights movement in America, the U.K. and elsewhere.
James Rachels has approached the moral treatment of other animals in light of the implications of evolution. He has fully explored the problematic beliefs in supposed categorical differences between humans and nonhumans.

Tom Regan has best established the moral and rational basis for animal rights in his scholarly work, The Case For Animal Rights. A true philosophical tour de force, this book has consumed many within and outside academia.

Steve Sapontzis has treated morality and animal rights in terms of traditional moral views. He cogently argues that animal liberation is necessary in order for our commonly held moral views and principles to be consistent.

Carol J. Adams is the author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, which identified how patriarchal thought and structures give rise to the eating of animals. She reveals the interconnection between the oppression of animals and non-dominant humans.

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