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Chickpea Sandwich
Recipe from THE 22-DAY REVOLUTION, ©2015 Marco Borges.
Reprinted with permission of Penguin Group USA.

Chickpeas are good for digestion, managing blood sugar, and getting plenty of protein and fiber—and they are also a tasty way to eat your lunch. There’s a reason chickpeas are so popular in so many cuisines across the world; just one bite of this chickpea spread should show you why.

whole grain or gluten-free bread
1 can (BPA-free) chickpeas
1/4 cup celery (chopped)
1/4 cup carrots (shredded)
2 tablespoons canola mayo
1 tablespoon whole-grain mustard
1 romaine lettuce (head)
1 small tomato
pinch ground pepper

Place chickpeas, mayo and mustard in a food processor. Pulse a few times until blended well, but not too smooth. Transfer to a bowl, and mix with the celery and carrots. Place lettuce over toasted bread and top with chickpea spread. Add tomato and a dash of pepper to finish.

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Federal Report Recommends Lowering Meat Consumption for Human Health and for the Planet, Angering Meat Industry
(The Hill) -- A federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines is recommending Americans eat less meat because it’s better for the environment, sparking outrage from industry groups representing the nation’s purveyors of beef, pork and poultry. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a federally appointed panel of nutritionists created in 1983, decided for the first time this year to factor in environmental sustainability in its recommendations. They include a finding that a diet lower in animal-based foods is not only healthier, but has less of an environmental impact. read more...

New Zealand MPs Vote to Outlaw Testing Cosmetics on Animals After Pressure from Animal Rights Groups
(International Business Times) -- The MP's decision to ban animal testing comes after the Green Party and animal rights advocates lobbied for a year to criminalize cosmetics testing on guinea pigs and rabbits. Animal rights groups are also campaigning for a ban on imported products that conduct animal testing. The Cosmetic Association shares the same view and said the next step in banning animal testing would be imposing import regulations. read more...

One Size Might Not Fit All, But the First Vegetarian Public School is Thriving
(Fast Company) -- Queens elementary school PS 244 became the first public school in the nation to go vegetarian. This groundbreaking school was founded on the premise that health & wellness is closely tied to academic performance. As others across the nation are struggling to get kids to eat rather than discard healthy vegetables and whole grains, PS 244 attributes their success in part to the education on the benefits of such a healthy diet. read more...

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